MS Word 2010 File Recovery

Have you deleted some of your very important Word files & now searching for a solution?

Well, you have landed at the correct place & this article has been specially written for you. But before looking at the solution to recover Word docs, take a look at some of the common scenarios in which you might lose the vital information in the form of a Word file.

The most commonly made mistake done by almost all the users is accidental deletion. This kind of deletion is a result of a slight distraction while removing some of the unwanted files from your system or pressing a Shift+Delete key combination instead of just Delete button. You might accidentally select & erase the important Word file instead of a document or some other file that you wished to delete.

The same situation goes with accidental formatting. But the consequences of an accidental formatting can be more disastrous, as it removes even the last bit present on the drive that is being formatted. People might also sometimes delete the files or format the drive intentionally, but later realizes that the files were important & they have made a mistake. The intentional deletion includes deleting one or more files, emptying the Recycle Bin without checking the contents or formatting the drives using an unsecured third-party utility.

The Word files created in Microsoft Word 2010 or any other version, might go missing due to a malware infection also. Usually malevolent programs or files enter your system through the internet. When you access untrusted websites or install a virus infected software, the malware enters your system & corrupt the files that it encounters. In worst cases it even removes some files from the infected system without your knowledge.

Other common scenarios leading to deletion / loss of Word 2010 document are abrupt system shutdown due to a power cut or forced restart while installing a software, improperly closing the Microsoft Word application, file system corruption resulting in a loss of files & many more known and unknown reasons.

Why should you use Recover Word Doc tool?

Recover Word Doc is a tool specially designed to recover deleted Word documents under any of the above mentioned scenarios. It has a powerful scanning algorithm that facilitates the user to perform complex recovery operations with utmost ease. Its intuitive user interface is extremely easy to operate by even a non-technical person. The software has an option to customize the recovery process by selecting the file formats that the user wish to recover. This helps in avoiding the unnecessary files & folders being retrieved & taking disk space. The Recover Word Doc application can be used to recover Word document on USB drive, external hard drive & memory cards. The utility is available as a free demo version, using which you can try the recovery process & buy the full version to save those files, if you are satisfied with the results.

Steps to recover Word 2010 document –

Step 1 – Download & install the tool on your Windows OS & run it. To perform Word recovery on Mac OS, download the Mac version of the tool.

Step 2 – On the main screen you will find three options “Recover Files”, “Recover Photos” &”Recover Partitions / Drives”. Select “Recover Files” option.

Recover Word 2010 Document - Main Screen

Step 3 – Now select “Recover Deleted Files” or “Recover Lost Files” option based on your data loss scenario.

Recover Word 2010 Document - Recover Deleted / Lost Files

Step 4 – Choose the drive from which the Word file got deleted / lost & hit the next arrow button.

Recover Word 2010 Document - Select Drive

Step 5 – The tool will start scanning for the Word files & will display the list of recovered files. Preview & save the files on the drive accessible to the host operating system.

Recover Word 2010 Document - Save Recovered Files

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7),
Mountain Lion (10.8) and Mavericks Users